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The falls are an amazing attraction in Kayunga District in central Uganda. It is taken to be a new tourist route, where one can see a true picture of tropical Africa because of the undisturbed and unique setting and the environment. Apart from the falls themselves, there is one of the most striking rapids along the entire length of the Nile.



Rafting is done starting from the base of the magnificent falls and people raft downstream from the heart of the recently established Wild waters Reserve. It is a wonderful river journey especially for both people who are experience and those not well experienced in rafting. Instead of choosing the biggest and wildest rapids, tourists instead drift swiftly between beautiful forested islands, bounce down smaller rapids and explore the least known channels of the river.


The falls and the flow of the Nile have a good view where the tourists can relax enjoying the beauty of the Nile of take a walk along the Nile doing bird watching. Not only does Kalagala Falls offer the adventure and the good scenery, there are plenty of opportunities to swim, relax on the raft and spot the amazing array of wildlife, including red-tailed monkeys, fish eagles, monitor lizards, otters and thousands of members of the cormorant family.

The place has a number of rocks and caves some of which are huge that provide tourists with a good scenic view and the caves are the sacred places among the Baganda where there are beliefs that the spirits reside there and they take the offering to the spirits and gods. While there you will notice small shrines that traditional medicine men use when they visit the site and believed that the gods live there.

Getting there:

There are 2 routes to Kalagala falls if you are leaving Mukono, Jinja Road route and Kampala- Gayaza, Kayunga route. For Kampala to Mukono, on your left, turn to Kayunga Road. Follow it for 74 km to Kangulumira and turn right when you meet T-junction at Mukalagi. If you are from Jinja, Kangulumira is 26 km up the Kayunga Road from Nile Breweries. Public transport to Kayunga runs from Kampala’s old taxi park and Njeru Taxi Park opposite Nile Breweries near Jinja.

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