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Amabere ga Nyinamwiru

Locally referred to as ‘Breasts of Nyinamwiru they are located about 10 km west of Fort portal town in Kabarole district in Nyakasura caves. Like most of the nature land formation, the features there have strong history and cultural attachments of myths that surround them. There are several versions of the stories and legend. It ...
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Kihingami Ecotourism site

With many birds in the Albertine Rift, Kihigami wetland is also a home to different bird species. This site can be visited with other sites like Sebitoli (part of Kibale Forest National Park) and other sites in and around the park. The ecotorism site was established by Kabarole Tours, a local tour operator based in Fort ...
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Tooro Botanical Gardens

This botanic garden undertakes reforestation using indigenous tree species in collaboration with local partners. Here are vegetable herbs, medicinal plants among others. Staff at Tooro botanical gardens are experienced in the propagation of many indigenous species, maintain a medicinal plant garden and undertake education programs. TBG that sits on 100 acres of land is conveniently located ...
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Mpanga Tea Estate Tour

Mpanga Growers Tea Factory is a public limited company owned by small holder tea growers. It was incorporated in 1995 . It is located in western Uganda Kabarole district, producing high quality tea for local and export market.It is one of the tea factories formerly under Uganda Tea Growers Corporation (U T G C), established ...
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Bunyangabu Beekeeping Cooperative (BBC)

Bunyangabu Beekeppers Cooperative Bunyangabu Beekeeping Cooperative (BBC), is a community organization that takes beekeeping very seriously, using nature’s gifts to help live in harmony with the environment that surrounds them. BBC owns an apiary, located about 300 meters from the main building, which is well stocked with all types of bee-hives ranging from traditional to ...
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