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Locally referred to as ‘Breasts of Nyinamwiru they are located about 10 km west of Fort portal town in Kabarole district in Nyakasura caves. Like most of the nature land formation, the features there have strong history and cultural attachments of myths that surround them. There are several versions of the stories and legend. It is said that Nyinamwiru was the daughter of Bukuku, a very rich man and King of the Batembuzi dynasty, the predecessor of the current Babito kings of Tooro and Bunyoro kingdoms. She was the mother of Ndahura, the first Muchwezi king of Empire of Kitara. According to tradition, the parents would choose the partners for their children and because of beauty, Nyinamwiru did not agree to the partner that was chose for her. As a result she was punished by cutting off her breasts which then grew into rock dripping with milk. One section of the cave is said to have been the resting place of the Bachwezi dogs, and the ceiling shows pits resembling dog paws. The place also has waterfalls that is said to have been the ‘shower’ of the Bachwezi to take showers.

According to the geologists, the ‘breasts’ are natural formations called stalactites that drop the calcium carbonate to form the stalagmites below, that form these features that look like the hanging breasts. As time goes by, the stalactites and stalagmites join and make pillars in the caves.

The Batooro believe that the place still has the powers of the Bachwezi and has to be protected as the scared place.

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