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The word Amabere in Runyankole means Breasts and Omugore means the Bride. So, Amabere ga mugore means the bride’s breasts. They are located in Nyakashashara sub-county, Nyabushozi county, Kiruhura district, these gigantic rocks are aligned like a procession of a bridal entourage hence the reference made of them as “the stones of a bride”.  The site is associated with Mugasha, diety within the Bachewzi pantheon. Tradition has it that as the bridal party was passing by, they found Mugasha bathing and through insults at him and in anger he cursed them and they turned into stone. In the custom of the Banyankole, it is like a taboo to look at someone naked. Within the cave of one of the rocks are milk pot stand locally known as “orugyegye with stone objects representing milk pots.

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