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Rubona Basket Weavers

Rubona Weaver’s Associations was formed under the support of the Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA). Rubona has about 300 members. The group is made-up entirely of women, who are trained in the techniques of basket making and dying using natural colors by UCOTA. The women work independently, but come together regularly to sort and dye ...
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Robs Rolling Rock (RRR)

Robs Rolling Rock (RRR) is a magnificent community tourism product in Uganda that offers safe rock climbing and abseiling, besides Sipi falls in the foot hills of Mount Elgon. The alluring adventure is made possible by the teams of local youth who are meticulously trained to enable visitors enjoy a thrilling experience thus making them ...
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Tinkas Homestead and traditional meals

Tinkas homestead gives an opportunity to get firsthand experience by staying in a traditional Mutoro home in the neighborhoods of Kibale Forest National Park. During the stay the following can be experienced: crop harvesting, food preparation, sharing meals, storytelling, music & dance etc. Not far down the road from Kibale National Park is Tinka's, a local ...
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Forest walk at Kyaninga Lodge

There are different activities that clients can participate in while at Kyaninga Lodge. The activities here will give you an opportunities of exploring communities, talking a forest walk and at the end, you can enjoy the wild swimming. This is done with a guide that takes you through the trail near the Lake Kyaninga. Though not ...
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The Nyamirambo Women’s Centre

We are a group of eighteen women that begun a self-help group called the Nyamirambo Women's Centre (NWC) in Kigali, Rwanda. The NWC members are women aged between 21 and 45 years, with education levels ranging from zero education to finishing University. Some of us are employed as domestic workers, manual labour in small businesses, ...
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From Crop to Cup, Kivu, Rwanda

Kivu Coffee Experience introduces the coffee growth process ‘from crop to cup’. You will start in Gisenyi with a boat trip to Nyamirundi Island to visit the plantation of a local coffee cooperative. The volcanic soils of the island give the coffee a full bodied, yet non-acidic flavor, and some of the best coffee in ...
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