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Luxury travel destinations are overrated. Avid voyageurs no longer want to explore bustling destinations surrounded by lavish resorts and urbanism; they want to see what the wild has to offer. What’s pretty interesting is that Africa has both – abundant wildlife and luxury safari lodges. A lot of people want to see this surreal territory with their own eyes because it reminds them of their childhood dreams, books, and movies. Tourists want to go beyond the normal these days. They want to take risks, explore the unexplorable, and see places very few have had the chance to see in reality. If you’re one of those people that craves the unconventional, the following African safari destination might inspire you to plan your next holiday somewhere far away from home.


Lake Malawi

Better known as Africa’s most striking hidden jewel, Lake Malawi packs a wealth of safe, accessible, but at the same time, breathtaking attractions. Those that want to admire Africa’s sheer natural habitat should check it out. Situated in the sub-Saharan region of the continent, and nestled between Zambia and Mozambique, the Malawi region has a developed infrastructure, with all kinds of dining and accommodation facilities. All you need to do is make your pick. Let the adventure begin! The lake is a must-see. The beaches on site and overall scenery will simply take your breath away.

Ankarana National Park in Madagascar

Home to fascinating lemurs, Madagascar packs spectacular landscapes. The sheer beauty of Ankarana National Park will bewitch you. Among some of the most distinguishable attractions in the area, we should mention the bizarre rock formations, the crocodile and bat caves, as well as the numerous trekking sites. Ankarana’s dense forests are home to over 100 bird species, and most treks lead to breathtaking viewpoints. The best time to see Madagascar is from April to November, when the weather conditions are warm and pleasant.

Sigita Grumeti in Tanzania

Singita Grumeti is a famous trekking destination in Tanzania. Linked to the beautiful Serengeti, this place is best viewed in June. During this time of the year travelers can admire the wildebeest migration. Sigita’s landscapes feature abundant flat thorn trees, intimate lodges, and wide grass oceans. The scenery is peaceful and relaxing, which is perfect if you’re hunting for seclusion and intimacy.


Royal Malewane in South Africa

South Africa is a safari wonderland, with exciting activities, up-beat accommodation, and diverse wildlife. Dominated by Table Mountain, Cape Town is a bustling city you can’t miss out. But if you want to run away from the hustle and bustle, we recommend the Royal Malewane. The natural reserve is located in a very private and secluded area called Thornybush, in Kruger National Park. There are guided safari tours you can try out; but if you’re the adventurous kind of travelers, all you need is a rental car to be able to explore the premises on your own. Everywhere you look you’ll see leopards, lions, buffaloes, elephants, and rhinos. The mere thrill of chasing the animals and photographing them is incomparable.

Etosha National Park in Namibia

The rugged coastlines, evolving landscapes, and stark beauty of Namibia make it an ideal location for a safari. The scenery seems like ripped from a childhood dream; it is sublime and you can see here some of Africa’s tallest and most imposing elephants. Furthermore, the area is packed with rhinos, big cats, and cheetahs. Self-driving safari are highly appreciated by voyageurs that are not afraid to venture into the wild. In terms of accommodation, the Onguma Treetop Camp is Namibia’s most unusual but extremely comfortable accommodation facility – at some point in our childhood, we all wanted to live in a tree house.


When it comes to traveling to Africa, we all wrongfully assume that the price for a 7-day journey is colossal. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you make your plans in advance. Settle on the best itinerary with at least 6 months in advance, and make reservations off-season. This way you can save a lot on flight and accommodation. A safari South Africa trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore places you may not be able to see again, so make it count!

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