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The Eternal City of Rome is one of the world’s most popular tourist landmarks. It’s a place, where countless monuments preserve the history of different eras, a perfect vacation destination. The whole city is an open-air museum, so it may take a lot more, than a few days to fully explore it. Drawing up the sightseeing route across Rome is a challenging task as almost every stone here tells the story of one of the glorious civilizations of the world.

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Here are the top 5 placesin Rome, definitely worth visiting.

COLOSSEUM (Colosseo)

It said that while the Colosseum stands, Rome shall stand, when the Colosseum falls, Rome shall fall. The main tourist attraction of the Eternal City was initially called the Flavian Amphitheatre.It received its current name much later, in the VIII century. Started by Emperor Vespasian in 72nd AD,the construction of the Colosseumtook 8 years and completed in 80th AD.

The Colosseum’s arena had been used for different kinds of entertainment,from the gladiator and animal fights to small naval battles. Nowadays it is a bright symbol that represents Rome and Italy.


The temple of all the gods, located in Piazza Della Rotonda, was built in the II century and eventually became a Catholic Church. The Pantheon is the best-preserved ancient building in Rome. As the legend goes, the Roman consul, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa ordered to build a temple dedicated to all the gods of Olympus on the site where Romulus, the founder of Rome, has ascended to heaven.

The Pantheon was an engineering and architectural masterpiece of its time (27th – 25th BC). During daytime a circular hole in the temple’s roof lets sunlight in, making a strong impression on visitors. At the beginning of the VII century, the temple became a church.

The Pantheon is a resting place for many famous people, such as artists Raphael and Annibale Carracci, King Vittorio Emanuele II and King Umberto I.

IMPERIAL FORA (ForiImperiali)

There is a series of public squares between the Coliseum and Piazza Venezia, known as Imperial Forums (or Imperial Fora). The first emperor who ordered to build a forum that would carry his name was Julius Caesar. Following his example, other Roman emperors also began constructing forums to show their power and greatness. The construction of Fora lasted for about 150 years, from 46 BC to 113 AD. Now city guests can explore the remains of the Forums of Caesar, Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva and the Trajan’s Forum.

  1. PETER’S BASILICA (Basilica di San Pietro)

When speaking about Rome, it’s impossible not to mention Vatican City. It is the smallest state in Europe, located within the territory of Rome. Despite its small area (approximately 110 acres), Vatican has a few historical landmarks to see. One of the most popular attractions here is the St. Peter’s Basilica, the main Catholic shrine, and the world’s largest Catholic cathedral. It replaced an older church, built in 324 by the Roman emperor Constantine. In the XV century, the old building started to fall apartand underwent a reconstruction.But later the cathedral was demolished and its foundation used to build St. Peter’s Basilica.

TREVI FOUNTAIN (Fontana di Trevi)

The Trevi Fountain, constructed in the XVIII century, is the most famous fountain in Rome. The sculptural ensemble depicts the god Neptune, standing in a shell-shaped carriage drawn by marine reptiles. The water gets to the fountain through the aqueduct, built by Emperor Agrippa. According to a local legend, anyone who takes a sip from this fountain will certainly return to Rome. But throwing a coin into the water would probably be safer.

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