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It is not very difficult to find a wonderful beach in Mauritius, a country (island) located within the mesmerizing waters of the Indian Ocean, near the Rodrigues Island. Apart from leisure and rest, the beaches are also popular because of their boat tours, snorkeling, and wind surfing. The coastline of the country (having beautiful beaches), spans over a length of 330 kilometers. You will also find here the calm lagoons that are circled by the necklace of coral reefs.

While the north part of the country has the greatest concentration of small coves (blessed with the casuarinas trees) and beaches, the east has the glamorous and gently sloping beaches having the white sand. The west-coast beaches offer the best sunset views and panorama, have the shimmering golden sand, and shallow water. The southern beaches are wild, and have the exciting islands nearby. Every beach in the country is open to public, and has toilets and parking areas, among other amenities. They also offer the facilities for a number of marine sports.

Here Is a Brief Description of The Top 6 Beaches in Mauritius 

  1. Grand Baie


Photo by Maral10, Public Domain

GrandBaie is one the most popular and crowded beaches of Mauritius. The beach is best for those who are looking for the water sports. It also offers drinks, dining, and shopping facilities. Other attractions of the emerald beach include the Mont Choisy (the white beach located adjacent to the Turquoise bay), La Cuvette and Pereybere (small coves). You can also join here an excursion that leads to the nearby islands.

Zanzibar, and the Banana Beach Club, have an unbeatable location, and are the best bar and bite joints here. Le Capitaine is a romantic restaurant offering a variety of sea food.

  1. Trou Aux Bichestrou-aux-biches

Photo by Ilsa, CC BY 2.0

The white-sand beach is shaded and crowded, by the casuarinas trees. The coral reefs offer beautiful view, and are located close to the tender and azure waters of the island. As the waters are quite shallow here, the place is toured most by the families. Snorkeling is one of the main attractions of this beach. The place also has a blue water diving center, and you can do some deep water photography here.  Those desiring deep sea fishingcan also join a trip here.

The snack (Gajak) stalls can be easily spotted near the parking areas. One restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine, while there are a number of other restaurants and supermarkets located in the vicinity as well. You can also devour the Octopus Rougaille Sandwich here, among other culinary delights.

  1. Ile Aux Cerfs


Photo by Adamina, CC BY 2.0

Once the stags roamed the Ile Aux island, and hence the beach is named after them. The soothing “talcum white” sand, and the nearby translucent water refresh any depressed soul. Take a stroll along the calm waters, indulge in a range of water sports, and eat and dine in great leisure, while enjoying great culinary diversity. The beach is also quite popular amongst the locals. The destination is ideal for snorkeling in the lagoons.

  1. La Cuvette Beach

Located in the close proximity of the Grand Bay, the La Cuvette beach lies on the road connecting the Bay’s center and the Pereybere beach. The beach is preferred by the romantic couples and those on their honeymoon, and is quite intimate. There are no rocks, or corals, on the beach, and the water is also quite calm.

  1. Blue Bay Beach

Situated in the southeast region of Mauritius, the Blue Bay beach is close to Mahebourg, a port city. The landscapes adjoining the area are full of contrasts. The waters of the sea are crystal clear, and offer amazing views from different angles. While the beach gets crowded on weekends (because of a number of local families visiting the place), on other days there is ample of space for you to relax and enjoy the calm surroundings. The biggest marine park, the Blue Ray marine park, is also located in the area. The place is well suited for the water sports, and for snorkeling.

  1. Pereybere

The Pereybere beach lies in between the Cap Malheureux, and the Grand Bay, in the northern region of Mauritius. The sea waters are quite deep here, unlike other places of the country. This beach is particularly more popular among the locals. You can find the school children of all ages, and others, indulging in a range of water sports, at any time of the day. Apart from the beautiful natural coral reefs, the beach also has a great and diverse collection of marine life.

The beaches in Mauritius are great for swimming, no matter what kind of a swimmer you are. The crystal clear blue water, pleasant white sand, and the coconut trees, offer an exhilarating vacation experience. The lagoons hold some of the greatest marine life treasures, and the availability of a range of water sports makes the Mauritius beaches popular in the whole world.

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Rohit, along with Trans Travel India, explores the uncovered horizons of nature. He brings to the readers and travelers, authentic and deep analysis of a range of travel destinations, in India and abroad.

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