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Rwanda Restores Ecosystems, Generating Record Tourism and New Opportunities for Growth

Rwanda has undergone a remarkable economic and social reconstruction in recent years and recorded consistent growth rates of 8 per cent a year between 2001 and 2012, according to the BBC's Country Profile. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank say that the country, along with many of its African neighbours, is entering an ...
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Let’s all do the Congo!

Kamili is delighted to announce a partnership with Congo Conservation Company (CCC), to market their three Odzala Discovery Camps in Congo-Brazzaville.   Odzala is a near-mythical place of astounding biodiversity - a place few people have ever had the chance to visit. Odzala Discovery Camps are proud to be able to provide a unique opportunity to visit ...
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Salt Lakes of Western Uganda

The Western part of Uganda is richly endowed with crater lakes many of which are both alkaline and saline. In Uganda, it is only lakes Katwe and Bunyampaka (about 0.43 sqkm) which are commercially exploited for common salt (NaCl) by the local communities. The majority of these other alkaline, saline lakes have not been put ...
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Mubaku Community Conservation Organisation

The remote community of Mubaku is located beside the sprawling savannah of Murchison Falls National Park, in the sun-drenched northwestern region of Uganda. The village is a collection of traditional thatched mud huts around a central clearing, where villagers gather to escape the midday sun under the shade of a large tree. In this dry ...
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Ankole kingdom

Ankole Kingdom like all other kingdoms in Uganda that was abolished in 1967 by the then President Milton Obote, has a long history. It is said that by the time of abolition in 1967, it had existed for between 500 and 600 years. It started as the kingdom of Kaaro-Karungi (the beautiful land) before it ...
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The Kingdom called Buganda

Origin of  Buganda and Baganda The region known today as Buganda was known as Muwaawa before the 12th century, a name literary seem to mean a place that is sparsely populated and the people that occupied the region are said to come from Abyssinia through the rift valley and the mountains of Elgon. These people were ...
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Lake Edward

Lake Edward is located 0°20′S 29°36′E covering about 2,325 km2 at an elevation of 912 m above sea level in Queen Elizabeth national Park. It is fed by Rivers from the surrounding areas including R. Nyamugasani, R. Ishasha, R. Rutshuru, R. Rwindi, R. Ntungwe and R. Lubilia. It is estimated to be about 17 m to 112m deep. During ...
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The Buganda Agreement of 1900

We, the undersigned, to wit, Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston, K.C.B., Her Majesty's Special Commissioner, Commander-in-Chief and Consul-General for the Uganda Protectorate and the adjoining Territories, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India, on the one part; and the under-mentioned Regents and chiefs of the Kingdom of Uganda ...
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Early slave trade in Africa

In Africa there were a number of societies and kingdoms which kept slaves, before there was any regular commercial contact with Europeans, including the Asanti, the Kings of Bonny and Dahomey. African Slave Owners Many societies in Africa with kings and hierarchical forms of government traditionally kept slaves. But these were mostly used for domestic purposes. They ...
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The White Fathers in Uganda

The first Catholic missionaries to settle in Uganda landed at Entebbe on 17th February 1879. Fr. Simeon Lourdel (Mapera) and Br. Amans Delmas had left Marseilles with the first caravan of White Fathers on 22nd April 1878. They landed in Zanzibar on 30th May and on 17th June the whole caravan ventured, on foot, into ...
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