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With this tree of cultural importance, Nakayima Tree is found on top of Mubende hill 4km from Mubende town. The appearance of the tree would tell that it is really old estimated to be about 450 years but what is more importance is the cultural value that has existed for centuries. The place is believed to be having the spirits of Nakayima and with healing power of the Bachwezi cult, acting as a shrine. According to the legend, Nakayima was the first wife of the Bachwezi King Ndahura.

The tree is believed to be the spiritual home for the Bachwezi goddess respected by both the Baganda and the Banyoro. As you are there, you see people who gather to pay their respects and make offerings to sacred spirits who live in the tree. Each section of the tree is associated with a different spirit and there are spirits for different aspects of life, and depending on which one you need to call upon, you leave a small offering at that section of the tree.

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