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Take the Isingiro Road from Mbarara towards the Tanzanian Kikagati border.
From Kikagati, drive towards Kitwe Town.
Nshenyi Cultural Village is about 8 miles down that road, before Kitwe, on the right, opposite a large dam. It is visibly marked with signage.
Our accommodation options range from a traditional grass thatched hut to a modern contemporary farm house. We have the following:

  • a traditional grass thatched hut & kraal,
  • a modern grass thatched hut,
  • a thatch & clay hut
  • a clay & brick hut and
  • a modern farm house

Guests can decide which setting they would like to sleep in, all are charged at the same rate.


  • Learn traditional fishing techniques
  • Watch milk being processed and presented
  • Take nature walks through the farm
  • Learn about traditional homestead crop rotation and food processing
  • Plant trees
  • Bird watching
  • Visit the Batwa community and see their pottery works
  • Drive to Tanzania and cross the Kagera River
  • Drive to Rwanda through the Mirama Hills border
  • Visit local homesteads, markets and schools, interact with the community
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