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Tanda pits are believed to harbour Walumbe (death), the brother of Nambi, who was wife of Kintu, the first Muganda, are still feared by many thinking they could easily die upon visiting the site because of the mythical stories that link Walumbe to suffering and death.

According to the legend, Kintu was the first person and actually the only person on earth, living with his cow and he fed on its cow-dung. Ggulu, the creator of all things lived up in heaven with his children, who occasionally came down to earth to play. On one such occasion, Ggulu’s daughter Nambi and some of her brothers encountered Kintu and his cow in Buganda. Nambi instantly took a liking to Kintu and decided to stay and marry him. After her brothers pleaded with her, she returned to heaven with Kintu to ask for her father’s permission to get married. Ggulu was not pleased, but blessed the marriage after Nambi persuaded him to accept her relationship with Kintu.

Ggulu advised Kintu and Nambi to leave heaven secretly so that Walumbe, would not find out about the marriage until they had left. It was feared that Walumbe would insist on going with them and bring them misery. Kintu and Nambi set out for earth the next morning, taking with them the few things that Nambi packed, and her chicken. While they were descending, Nambi remembered that she had forgotten to bring the millet that her chicken would feed on. Kintu tried to persuade her not to return to fetch the millet in vain. On her way back from fetching the millet, she met Walumbe. She did not tell him where she was going, but filled with curiosity, Walumbe insisted on going with her. Kintu and Nambi were, therefore, forced to go to earth together with Walumbe. Since then, Walumbe has been killing people to date. It is said that after reaching on earth, he hid from his brother (Kaikuzi) in the Tanda pits thinking he would take him back to heaven.

The site has more than 240 circular deep pits as well as two shrines enclosed in a reed fence. Inside the second entrance are spears, shields, calabashes, and fire places that are named after different gods, including Kibuuka, Mukasa, Musoke and Ddungu.

About 50 metres from Tanda is Nambi Rock, where Nambi used to live. This place is a curved rock with a natural source of water that people drink to get blessings. However, Nambi like Tanda pits is also being managed by traditional worshippers, who get blessings from Nambi or Walumbe.

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