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According to the scientists, hot springs are formed due to the heat from the mantle that heats the rocks. The water then is heated by the rocks and comes to the surface when it is still hot or warm. There are many land formations in Uganda and so are the waterfalls and geysers. Most of these are believed by the locals to be having healing powers and they go there for healing. Some of the hotsprings in Uganda are believed to be mal while others female like in the case of Sempaya in Kasese. Here is a list of some of the hot springs in Uganda;

Ihimba Hot Springs
Kitagata Hot Springs
Nyamasizi Hot Springs
Kibiro Hot Springs
Buranga Hot Springs
Kagamba Warm Spring
Bubaare Hot Spring
Karungu Hot Springs
Rubaare Hot Springs
Birara Hot Springs
Kisiizi Hot Springs
Minera Hot Springs
Kanyineabalongo Hot Springs
Kiruruma Hot Springs
Kabuga (Muhokya) Hot Springs
Kibenge (Kyiriba Kya Kyathumba) Hot Springs
Rwagimba Hot Springs
Rwimi Warm Springs
Panyamulu Hot Springs
Sempaya Hot springs

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