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Salt Lakes of Western Uganda

The Western part of Uganda is richly endowed with crater lakes many of which are both alkaline and saline. In Uganda, it is only lakes Katwe and Bunyampaka (about 0.43 sqkm) which are commercially exploited for common salt (NaCl) by the local communities. The majority of these other alkaline, saline lakes have not been put ...
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Lake Edward

Lake Edward is located 0°20′S 29°36′E covering about 2,325 km2 at an elevation of 912 m above sea level in Queen Elizabeth national Park. It is fed by Rivers from the surrounding areas including R. Nyamugasani, R. Ishasha, R. Rutshuru, R. Rwindi, R. Ntungwe and R. Lubilia. It is estimated to be about 17 m to 112m deep. During ...
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Lake Wamala

Lake Wamala is a small freshwater lake located 00°19′42″N, 31°50′26″E shared by Mityana District, Mpigi District and Mubende District in central Uganda. It is fed by rivers from the surrounding areas including River Nyanzi, River Kitenga, River Kabasuma, River Mpamujugu and River Bimbye. It is estimated to be about 250 km2 in an area rising to ...
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Lake George

Lake George locally known as Lake Dweru is located 0°00′N , 30°12′E with Kazinga channel that connects it to Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. It is estimated to be about 250 km2 and was designated as a Ramsar Site on 4th march 1988. The lake derives its name from the member of the ...
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Lake Victoria

Locally known as Nalubaale, Lake Victoria is part of the African Great Lakes located 1°S 33°E shared by three East African countries of Uganda (45%), Kenya (6%) and Tanzania (49%). It derived its name from after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke, the first British to document it. Speke accomplished this in 1858, ...
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Lake Kijjanebalola, Uganda

This is a small lake in central Uganda. Economic activities: The main activities carried out on the lake were fishing especially on Malemba landing site. There is also farming and small-scale trade with the main crops cultivated being maize, matooke and beans.
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