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The Western part of Uganda is richly endowed with crater lakes many of which are both alkaline and saline. In Uganda, it is only lakes Katwe and Bunyampaka (about 0.43 sqkm) which are commercially exploited for common salt (NaCl) by the local communities. The majority of these other alkaline, saline lakes have not been put to use.

Some examples of these lakes include Katwe, Kikorongo, Murumuli, Nyamunuka, Munyange, Bunyampaka, Bagusa and Maseche. Lake Katwe with an average area of 2.5km2 is the largest among these lakes. The majority of these lakes are alkaline in nature and exhibit considerable temporal variations in volume and surface area. The total depth of the lakes have been reported to range between <1 – 6m.

Katwe Salt Lake, Uganda

This area has got volcanic soils, exhibits a relatively hot and dry climate and experiences a bimodal rainfall pattern with March – May and September – November being the rain seasons.

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