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Uganda National Museum

History of museums could be the oldest in East Africa. The Uganda Museum’s history goes as far as 1901 when the collections of ethnographical specimens started. It was officially established in 1908. Uganda Museum was apparently known as ‘Enyumba ya mayembe’(The house of horns, charms or fetishes) and the curator was referred to as ‘Omukulu ...
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House of memories for the Ik

Located in Kamion Sub-county in Kaabong District, the museum is intended to collect and preserves the cultural resources of the Ik people, one of Uganda’s ethnic minority groups. For further details contact John Mark Lomeri: +256 782911102/+256 75511102
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Kooki Museum

Located next to Headquarters of Rakai District, the museum is intended to showcase and preserve the cultural heritage of the Bakooki and the institution of the Kamuswaga. For further details contact the Culture Minister of the Kamuswaga: +256782863205
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Bunyoro Community Museum Associates

Located in Hoima town at Kwebiha Hostel, the museum showcases artifacts that depict the importance of cultural heritage and history of the Banyoro. Artifacts range from music instruments to household utensils. For further information call Apuuli Karugaba: +256-772686922
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Attitude Change Museum

Located at Buloba along Mityana Road, the Attitude Change Museum presents ways how culture and cultural ideas can be converted in resources for one’s development. For further details call Onesmus Kabuga: +256775246974
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Gakondo Cultural Museum

Located on Mutunda Road in Kisoro town, the Gakondo Cultural Museum preserves and promotes the cultural resources of the Bafumbira, including traditional ways of worship, home utensils and traditional crafts. For further details please call Jean Mugisha: +256775222735 or email:
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Ham Mukasa Museum

Locatedin Nassuuti village in Ham Mukasa’s house, the museum showcases artifacts that portray the legacy of Ham Mukasa (1868–1956), one of the earliest Anglican Catechists and secretary to Sir Apollo Kaggwa, one of the longest serving Katikkiros of Buganda.  He was appointed a Katikkiro by King Mwanga II in 1890, and served in that capacity ...
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