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Busoga Cultural Museum

Located on the shores of Lake Victoria off Jinja-Iganga Road, the museum preserves and showcases artifacts depicting the importance of Kisoga culture. For further information please contact Charles Mulindwa: +256 781406631
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Mountains of the moon University Museum

Located within the University premises, the museum engages the community into the collection of traditional artifacts. The museum is meant to promote research and support the University’s programme on African Studies and it also safeguards the Kabarole District archives.  For further information contact Evarist Ngabirano: +256775430081 or visit:
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Ankole Cultural Drama Actors’ Museum

At the Ankole Culture & Drama Actors Museum in Isingiro, you can see artifacts and dances that depict the history and cultural traditions of the Banyankore. If for some reason you cannot come to the museum, this museum will come to you - it is mobile! The museum helps women earn a living through the ...
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Karamoja Women’s Cultural group Museum

In Natumkasikoua village near Moroto town, a group of women display a collection of Karamojong items - headgear, beads, stools, pots, handicrafts and many more. The Museum gives you the opportunity to buy a ‘piece’ of the Karamojong culture: a Karamojong tartan wrap complete with hand-made beads and tyre sandals. The Museum is located on ...
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Kikonzo Language and Cultural Center

The Kikonzo Language & Culture Centre researches, documents and publicises the culture and language of the Bakonzo. To visit or order your copy of printed and audio-visual materials about the Bakonzo contact Joachim Muhindo on +256 772 357 325 or email:
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The Human Rights focus peace museum

Established by the Human Rights Focus in Gulu, the Peace Museum is especially directed at the new Acholi generation whose childhood and young adulthood was spent in camps for internally displaced persons. It teaches them how indigenous cultural practices have in the past helped to promote peace and reconciliation. At the Peace Museum, you can ...
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Butambale Heritage Center of civilization

Located in Butambala District 3km from Kyabadaaza on Kampala-Masaka Road, the Museum is known as the home of the Akasimba clan, the official ironsmiths of the Buganda King, the Kabaka. At the Heritage Centre, you can see the Akasimba blacksmiths in action, following the process from heating and shaping the iron into farming tools, traditional ...
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Nyamyarro Museum

The Museum is located inside the Karuziika (the royal palace for the King of Bunyoro in Hoima). It conserves and promotes the human heritage and the ancient regalia of the kings of Bunyoro-Kitara through education and tourism. The main object inside the museum is the royal stool for the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. The museum ...
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Centre for African Christian Studies Museum

Located at Gaba Seminary along Kampala-Gaba Road, the museumwas established in 2004 by a group of Ugandan Christians and scholars as an endeavour to understand Christianity within the African context and its impact on the socio-cultural development of Uganda. The museum has a rich collection of ethnographic objects from different parts of the country. For further ...
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Kabaka Mutebi’s collection

Located immediately after Wankaaki (main entrance to Mengo Palace in Kampala), the photographic gallery showcases Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II’s collection giving you a glimpse of the Kabaka’s life since childhood. For further details contact: Buganda Kingdom Ministry of Tourism: +256 (0) 414 271 166 or visit:
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