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Rusizi National Park which is located in the Rusizi plains in the north of Lake Tanganyika. It is 15 km north of the city of Bujumbura. You will have an opportunity of spotting numerous wildlife species like  include hippopotamus, antelopes and monkeys along with numerous species of colorful birds with Ardeola idae, Phoenicopterus minor, Circus macrourus, Falco naumanni, Gallinago media and Glareola nordmanni that have all been recorded.

Rusizi National Park, BurundiCommonly known as Parc National de la Rusizi, the park is situated in the north-west of Bujumbura and the most visited park in Burundi. The biggest area of the park stretches along Rusizi river eastern bank and the smaller area forming the Rusizi delta at the point at which the river plunges into Lake Tanaganyika.

It is made up of two parts; a strip of flood-plain about 2 km wide and 35 km long beside the east bank of the Rusizi river and, to the south, a smaller area comprising the delta of the Rusizi at the point where it enters Lake Tanganyika. The two parts are separated by the main Bujumbura–Uvira road. The delta is a mixture of islands and channels covered locally by Phragmites and papyrus. An important feature of the northern part of the reserve are the stands of the fire-resistant palm Hyphaene benguellensis ventricosa.

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