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New Tourism attractions in Tanzania

The Local Government Authorities in the north of Tanzania will work with state tourism authorities, Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and (Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), to start promoting unexploited destinations in the northern part of the country. Local authorities are working on setting up strategies on how best such kinds of tourist destinations will be managed and ...
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Starry Nights in Loisaba

It was that time to go out again…on a safari. Being Kenyan, I felt lucky to have been to so many places already, and yet never running out of places to visit in my country. The next stop in my adventure series was Loisaba ( I’d heard about these so called star beds ( in Loisaba. ...
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Top 5 Places To Visit in Tanzania

Located in the Great Lakes region of Africa, Tanzania is a famous east African country, that boasts of its diverse culture and ethnicity. Tanzania is famous for its wildlife and almost 38% of the country’s land is comprised of protected wildlife reserves. The tourism industry forms nearly 12.7% of the country’s GDP with tons of ...
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Kidepo National Park In Uganda- The Pearl Of Africa

By Chris Austria - 23/02/2015: Kidepo National Park in Uganda is known as one of East Africa’s most compelling wilderness areas. In 2013, CNN listed Kidepo as the 3rd best safari park in Africa for “spectacular landscapes, and incredible buffalo herds.” CNN went on to say that Kidepo “might be the most picturesque park in Africa.” ...
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Visiting Akagera National Park, Rwanda

By Chris Austria My first visit to Akagera National Park in Rwanda was November, 2014. My friend offered to drive me to the park, which is located along the border of Tanzania, approximately 120 km east of the capital, Kigali. The Rwanda Development Board, and the non-profit African Parks jointly manage Akagera. As we drove through ...
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