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The first detailed observations of banded mongoose behaviour and ecology were made at Mweya by Ernest Neal of Uganda Institute of Ecology in the late 1960s, followed by Jon Rood of the Smithsonian Institute and early 1970s.

The Banded Mongoose Research Project (BMRP) uses the Mweya mongoose population as a model system to investigate the evolution of animal societies. Banded mongooses have an unusual social system in which group members help to rear offspring that are not their own.

The Banded Mongoose Research Project consists of a team of researchers working in Uganda, Exeter, and Liverpool in the UK, and Zurich in Switzerland. The main project is based at the University of Exeter (Penryn Campus) and is directed by Professor Michael Cant. The field project in Uganda is managed by Francis Mwanguhya with the help of Solomon Kyabulima, Kenneth Mwesige and Robert Businge.

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