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On behalf of Kigezi Tourism Festivals and partners, we would like to extend a warm invitation to you to attend the above end of year festivities in Uganda. The Kigezi Tourism Festival 2015 in Kampala will take place  at Uganda National Museum on the 22nd  November 2015 and then we all shall meet in Kisoro District  for same event in December starting from 23rd -24th, 2015. The Guest of Honor will be Hon. Maria Mutagamba, The Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.

This event will bring together  communities from all corners in South Western Districts of Uganda , people from other regions, all tourism and conservation stakeholders, the private sector, visitors from east African neighboring countries, the international communities to make these events most successful.
We expect a participation of up to 5000+ potential participants, this is therefore a platform for you to network with family and friends, show case or market your products and services.

Bakiga Tradition, Uganda

Kigezi Tourism Festival 2015 – Kampala – Sunday 22nd November 2015(Uganda Museum)

▪ Arrival of festival participants at the venue
▪ Welcome performances with Bakiga/Bafumbira/Bahroro/Acholi traditional dances
▪ Official launch by the minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Hon. Maria Mutagamba
▪ Cultural Diversity for tourism development In Uganda with multicultural performances from top cultural groups among Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bafumbira, Bahororo, Batwa, Baganda, Banyankole, Batoro, Banyoro, Bakonzo, Basoga, Bagisu, Iteso, Acholi and Karimojong
▪ Traditional foods and drinks i.e Ibihaza, Isogo, Ubushera, Inturire.

▪ Cultural Fashion show i.e. Impu, Ingoma, Imihama, Imiringa, Umutereri, Ibitaako, Imikako, Inigi, Igitako, Urugori, Ibitambi, Ikamba, Ibitare, Umugara, Amayogi, Enyereri, Enkanda, Omuhunda

▪ Exhibitions to showcase art, crafts, tourism, other products and services
▪ Exposing the Cultural and other attractions in Kigezi region, Buganda,Ankole, Eastern and Northern region
▪ Kigezi Art and Live painting i.e Greater Virunga ranges, Lake Mutanda, Lake Murehe, Lake Chahafi, Lake Kayumbu, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Edward, Kisiizi falls, and many more
▪ Bouncing Castles and Face Paintings for Children
▪ Tourism Night with Entertainment and Contemporary ballet up to mid-night

Kigezi Tourism Festival 2015 – Kisoro – Day 1- Wednesday 23rd December 2015 

▪ Festival Participants arrival and Registration
▪ Check in for Visitors
▪ City tour and orientation
▪ Youth in Tourism Skills and Exhibitions registrations
▪ Health Camp/Exhibitions
▪ Football and Netball/Volley ball between Kisoro select X1 and UWA
▪ Bull roasting and Cocktail at Kisoro Tourist Hotel

Day 2- Thursday 24th December 2015

▪ Mountain hiking – Sabyinyo
▪ Biking Challenge for Conservation and Safety
▪ Nature walk and Birding Experience/community tree planting – Mgahinga Gorilla National Park/Gisozi Hill or Sagitwe Hill
▪ Health Camp/Exhibitions
▪ Community /Youth in Tourism Skills Sessions
▪ Cultural and Tourism Night Experience with Campfire. Interested participants will book in advance such that arrangements are made on time with relevant organizations. “Nature is Calling, Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous”

More info:

0702874427, 0782055677


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