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5 ideas to experience a safari and live your childhood dreams without breaking the bank

What’s not to love about Africa? The stunning wildlife, the natural surroundings, the vibe of the cities, and the landscapes are simply mesmerizing. Some of the places will bring back deeply-rooted childhood memories with wild animals roaring in the jungles, endless deserts, cascades, and lush vegetation everywhere. Whenever we think about Africa, we instantly picture ...
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Experience African safari – how to live your childhood dreams without breaking the bank

Luxury travel destinations are overrated. Avid voyageurs no longer want to explore bustling destinations surrounded by lavish resorts and urbanism; they want to see what the wild has to offer. What’s pretty interesting is that Africa has both – abundant wildlife and luxury safari lodges. A lot of people want to see this surreal territory ...
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Top 5 popular places to see in Rome

The Eternal City of Rome is one of the world’s most popular tourist landmarks. It’s a place, where countless monuments preserve the history of different eras, a perfect vacation destination. The whole city is an open-air museum, so it may take a lot more, than a few days to fully explore it. Drawing up the ...
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Top 6 Beaches in Mauritius

It is not very difficult to find a wonderful beach in Mauritius, a country (island) located within the mesmerizing waters of the Indian Ocean, near the Rodrigues Island. Apart from leisure and rest, the beaches are also popular because of their boat tours, snorkeling, and wind surfing. The coastline of the country (having beautiful beaches), ...
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