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If you have been planning to go on an adventure, Rome and Paris are always everyone’s first choices. Because most of the countries in Africa are underdeveloped, people tend to assume there is nothing good to see in Africa. However, Africa is not just one big Savannah. In fact, in luxury travels, African safaris are coming out of the best places to visit because there are numerous things to see and experience.

Africa safari

Explore Botswana’s unspoiled treasures

When it comes to ecological gems, Botswana has a treasure trove. It is a shining country in the continent./it is nicknamed the jewel of the Kalahari because of the Okavango delta, an oasis filled with diverse flora and fauna species. If you choose to walk through the land, you will go through paths where dates grow wildly. You get to see lagoons, amazing trees flourishing, and some of Africa’s finest animals including the buffalos, wild dogs, impalas, elephants, leopards, lions, and reedbuck.  You will be woken in the morning by the sound of birds singing seeing as the country boasts of over 500 bird species. Due to the high costs of traveling to Botswana, your luxury travel will be serene and perfect if you do not like to be in crowded places.

Kenya and its contrasting wilderness

Regardless of how you define what a breath-taking holiday entails, Kenya is a place where all your expectations will be exceeded. To begin with, there is the wild beast migration that happens every year where thousands of wild beasts and Zebras run through the Maasai Mara, crossing rivers and climbing rocks to respond to natures call. You will also love the white sandy beaches in Galu, Diani, and Watamu where there are palm trees and coconut water to be enjoyed everywhere. When it comes to diversity and culture, nothing beats Kenya. You may also choose to visit the Samburu and MaasaiBomas and experience culture preservation like no other.

Africa safari1

Tanzania: un-imitated beauty

If you are going on an African safari, you must visit Tanzania because this is where all the fun and luxury is. There is a connection of the land, the animals and the people that you feel when you first see Tanzania even from your private jet. If you have a wild imagination, it will blend perfectly with the reality you will find in this place. You will get to see the culture of the Hadzabe people who, even in this day and age continue to lead lives as hunters and gatherers. You also get to see the Maasai herding their flocks of sheep. The landscape is decorated with numerous mountains, trees, and rivers. Your heart beat will match with the rhythm of the wild beast running from Kenya through the Serengeti in their migration. You will love watching the chimpanzees and the life they create for themselves along the Tanganyika River.


Rwanda is known for its Gorilla in the mist experiences. You will have an exclusive guide to the professional ranger guide into the deep natural habitat of the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park. If you are a sucker for conservation, Rwanda allows you to pay homage to some of the people who have fought to conserve wildlife. You will also have the chance to meet the friendly people of Rwanda who once poached animals but now work with the government to protect their wildlife. Although land locked, Rwanda has numerous rivers so that you will love the water activities you will engage in.  There is also Nyiragongo, which is an active volcano that has a glow of magma around its rim.

South Africa

Africa safari2If you think where the Cape Town holiday rentals will be worthwhile or not, you need to know that they will. Even with all the modern amenities and luxurious facilities, you will find in South Africa; there is still a sense of wildness that creates a genuinely wholesome experience. South Africa also hosts some of the world’s biggest events like the rugby world cup and the cocker world cup, so you will also have that to look out for.


The African safari offers an experience you will not get anywhere else. Each country has its unique beauty that ‘s hard to compare.

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