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The Ziwa rhino sanctuary is privately owned, it is financially supported by both the Uganda wildlife authority and rhino fund Uganda. It is the only rhino sanctuary in Uganda that was created in an effort to reintroduce both the black and white rhinos in the country after they were wiped out in the 1980s.

The sanctuary is found in Nakasongola district along Kampala- Gulu highway and it started with only a few rhinos and the number kept growing consistently. It is has for months been a home to 19 rhinos until two new babies were born to make 21 rhinos in number.Ziwa Rhino

The birth of the 20th Rhino was confirmed by both Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Rhino Fund Uganda early in the morning right after the mother Nandi gave birth.

Nandi is among the very first breeding herd that consisted of only 3 males and 3 females.She gave birth to a male baby that suckled immediately and it is showing good signs of development which means she is in very good health. After giving birth, Nandi had to hide in the bush so that both the newborn and herself remain undisturbed. The angers had to keep a distance but remained close to offer mother and young one protection from any kind of danger they may encounter while in the hideout.

Rhino ziaw

Ziwa sanctuary was established to run a rhino breeding program and the rate at which these animals are giving birth just proves that this is the fastest growing sanctuary in Africa.With the numbers rising up to 20 rhinos on the sanctuary has definitely gotten on the list of the must visit places in Uganda especially for the visitors that are interested in seeing the big fives.

According to the most recent communications from the sanctuary, Ziwa rhino sanctuary will most likely grow even bigger in 2018 by 5 more newbirths and these may come from the second generation females and should this happen, then it will give the country more hope that may be rhinos have made a very firm comeback to the list of must animals in Uganda. Hopefully then, the responsible bodies will then be able to redistribute them in the different national park with other wildlife. So far the breeding program has been a success.

Congratulations to both the sanctuary team and RhinoFund Uganda because and every addition is a great deal and an encouragement on their part.

We can contribute more to the conservation of rhinos by visiting the rhino sanctuary for a night or two. If you are on a safari to visit Murchison Falls park the rhino

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